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Hi, I’m web-designer.​
My specialization is Responsive templates webdesign and development.​
Usually I creating themes for WordPress and Drupal from .PSD and making site clones(on order). I love to coding and not so love to drawing.

Also I:

  • customizing ready-made themes for you needs;
  • writing plugins and modules for CMS;
  • writing Flash applications such as games, calqulators, etc.;
  • adding dynamics on websites with Javascript;
  • editing pictures in photoshop.

My expertise include

Responsive webdesigns

responsive_design_4The aim of Responsive Design is to make your website compatible with all the many platforms used by the modern consumer, including desktop computers, iPads, mobile phones, and more. If your website is a chore to view, customers go elsewhere. Period. Responsive Designs fix profit leaks…

Cross-platform compability

In wich browsers should you test you site? Main differences will be in IE and GH. And no differences will be between GH, Opera,FF and many others. So, compability is IE-compability. I testing my sites in IE8+, GH, FF, Opera.

Custom CMS integration in WP or DRUPAL

drupal_ninja_205x125Tired of having to go back to the drawing board every time you want to add something to your site? You need a Content Management System that works for you rather than against you. We offer Custom CMS Integration to make managing your own website a no-brainer…

Full-lifetime support

support_redLook in my portfolio! You’ll see live sites displayed in it. Am I interested in it’s good-looking and right-working? – Of course Yes! I provide the one-on-one support you need even after project completition. I’m testing sites from my portfolio regulary.I’m standing by constantly, ready to give your tech emergency top priority and ensure unexpected problems behind the scenes don’t affect your sales process..




WordPress ico

I’v passed exams on technologies I use. My results here.


Examples of completed jobs can be founded here:


Minimum price for website(job) is 25$, and 35$ for domain name + hosting/ year.

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Skype me: Sidatel