WP plugin(made)


Site + WP plugin – price calqulator, CMS WordPress

Visitor can easy calqulate price of needed job amount and order it by pressing “order” button.

Site owner receive this order by e-mail with visitor’s contacts data and jobs list.

On calqulator’s page we have 5 tables. Every second JS calqulates price on each table and total price (look at bottom of this page)

Site administrator can change any field of table on corresponding administrative page.

Every time administrator changes values – plugin makes a cashe of page(calqulator’s tables) output. This cashe allow page to be downloaded fast, without server’s processor loading every time visitor comes to page.

Table values are stored in “table xml Excel 2003″, so we can download it’s content to home PC. And change it in MS Excel program. Downloading and uploading can be performed on administrative calqulator page.

This site has two optimal width resolution: for 1000px width monitor and for mobile phone because of complex graphic of fedback form.