E-Commerce – quick start

E-commerce – is a the WordPress plugin. Quick start in WordPress notes you can find here.

Curren plugin version – 1.8 (on post publication date). Themes for v 1.7 will not work correctly with v 1.8. Plugin has lot of changed: amount of tables in database was shorted. Also deleted some functions of plugin, so it becomes more fast.

Time for action

Go to admin page here: http://uselect-web.com/wp-admin/
where uselect-web.com – your site adress.

Change theme this way: left menu->внешний вид -> themes -> select your design and press “activate”. Now look to your’s site main page.
Themes twentyellewen twentytweleve and so on – are not e-shop themes. But don’t delete it.

Goods add: left menu ->goods -> goods or add. Upload picture here and select it as …. – look this link on your page.

Media (add Media button) – upload pictures only for current post(item) – you’ll can filter them easy lately by “this post pictures”.

Enter text in text field.

Cost…Select (left menu -> settings -> shop) your currency.
For cost now set cost this way:

Press Save or Update button.

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